Monday, April 6, 2020

Colourful Abyss Recruitment, Contact, and Other General Info

This post will serve as a means of contacting our group. Post any questions, comments or offers of help that are not necessarily related to our releases right here.

To get in touch quickly, look up cmertb on

New contact option: Fill out this form

We currently need a Chinese to English translator for the manhua called "Collapse of the World as We Know It". We promise much horror and gore. Please apply -- without you, this project will die.  Translator found!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yuru Yuru Chapter 28

Here we go, one of the best chapters in the manga. This one will make you go "Awww, how sweet..."

Also, we still need a Chinese to English translator for our one manhua project. Yes, Collapse of the World. You know you'll be getting that annoying recruit page in our releases until we find one or stop caring. So if you want that page to go away, go find us a translator.

Hmm, I think I'll also post something on some recruitment forum, as futile as that usually is.

By the way, here's the chapter:

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yuru Yuru Chapter 27

Ah, friendship. And those times long ago when you had entirely too much time on your hands...

Get the chapter:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yuru Yuru Chapter 26

Here's an instructive chapter of Yuru Yuru that demonstrates how math you learn at school comes in handy in real life.

Although, somewhere deep down, I have a sinking feeling that most manga fans would not have been able to figure out the correct answer in that all too common situation.

Nevertheless, enjoy the chapter:

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Yuru Yuru Chapter 25 and 24v2

Considering that today is International Women's Day, what better way to celebrate it than with yuri yuri Yuru Yuru? Also while working on ch 25, we realized that there was a silly mistake in ch 24, for which we most insincerely apologize and offer you a v2 of that chapter.

Next chapter ETA? Who knows...


Monday, February 10, 2014

Yuru Yuru Chapter 24

So, based on the responses to the questions in the previous release post (but mostly their paucity), there doesn't seem to be any need for me to change anything in the current release procedure. That fits my natural inclination as well. Actually, if someone has a suggestion for how to release stuff with even less effort on my part, I'm all ears.

So, on with the release. Just FYI, with chapter 24 we enter the second half of the manga, at least by chapter count.

Ah, that brings up another question. As you can see, Yuru Yuru is currently the only project of C-A. It might be time to explore other possibilities. If you desperately want some other project picked up, bring it to my attention as long as it's a) color (the group name obliges, you see); b) pretty (my personal preference); c) in Japanese (we don't have any other tlers); d) raws are available (there's no way I'm going through another saga like Bloody Mary). Make sure you don't mention that one manga with a cat-faced girl. I'm too sensitive and that face is, frankly, terrifying. In all honesty, this doesn't mean that I'll immediately jump on that new project; in fact, I can virtually guarantee that I won't pick anything up right away, but at least I'll keep it in mind for future reference.

And now, get your chapter:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yuru Yuru Chapter 23

Moving right along with Yuru Yuru. Incidentally, I've been authorized by the editor to kick her to get the next chapter. Just so you guys understand the sacrifices scanlators go through for you.

Meanwhile, a few questions for those who care:
1) Should this group get on Facebook?
2) Do you care if the archive is a zip or a rar file (or I could got with 7z...)?
3) Currently, I archive chapter files without a folder to contain them. Does it matter to anyone? Should I include the folder in the archive file?

In other news, I got 0 response in my search for Collapse of the World Chinese translator. That manhua is closer to being dropped than it has ever been.